Thank you for purchasing our SweetDream product(s). We congratulate you for making the right decision towards your sleeping needs.

At SweetDream, we aim to provide with the highest quality in our products to assure you a comfortable and restful sleep, night after night.

In order for us to give you the warranty you deserve, all SweetDream mattresses are allocated a Serial Number, which acts as the Mattress's Personalized Identity. The Serial Number will provide details of production such as date of manufacture, batch of materials used and location of production and distribution centers. The Serial Number is highly beneficial to our quality control and tracing system.

Terms & Condition

  • Warranty is at the sole discretion of SweetDream Industrial Corporation Sdn. Bhd. to whether repair or replace any manufacturer’s defects. 
  • Warranty is valid for height loss of mattress only up to 10% of the mattress's original height.
  • Warranty is only valid and enforceable for SweetDream products purchased from authorized dealers. 
  • Warranty is valid if mattress is used on a proper foundation or matching foundation with mattress bought, improper foundation may void warranty. 
  • Warranty is void if mattress is used in a manner other than their intended, customary, and conventional manner (E.g. Mattresses subjected to weight exceeding a reasonable weight expected is deemed improper manner.)
  • Repair works are chargeable for defects and damages not under manufacturer’s defects.