Deluxe 7

For those who enjoy to sleep on their backs

Recommended for those who prefer low height pillows. Suggested for those who mainly sleep on their back or have medium to small body conformation.


Deluxe 14

For those who enjoy a luxurious, traditional shaped pillow

For those who like this pillows. Suggested for those who primarily sleep in lateral position or have a medium to large body conformation.


Anatomic 11

Makes short work of neck stiffness

Recommend for those suffering from neck, back, and shoulder pain. It provides excellent support and muscle relaxation. Suggested for those who primarily sleep on their side or back.


Contour 11

For the fussiest of sleepers who enjoy support without any pushback.

Recommended for those with neck, back, and shoulder pain. Suggested for those who like to sleep on their back without any push-back from the shoulder.

Travel Collar

The travel collar is the ideal companion for any journey where the support of an ergonomically shaped pillow helps to relieve the stress and strain of travelling.

Travel Pillow

Suggested for all types of travellers that want to experience a good night's sleep away from their own bed. 

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