An innovative material.

Technogel® is a soft solid material which is made from a completely non-toxic polyurethane substance that's odorless and without any volatile components. It doesn't harden, age, or change it's mechanical properties and it's special components make it the only tridimensional material for sleeping in the market today. Being tridimensional means that it will gently conform to your body, relieve remarkable amounts of pressure and evenly distribute this pressure to its mass, all thanks to its unique tower design and slow memory return back to its original shape.

Technogel® also provides an enjoyable fresh feeling. It's high thermal conductivity helps lower skin temperature with benefits to blood circulation and tissue oxygenation. Laboratory tests have demonstrated the durability and high quality of Technogel®, easily overtaking the other materials commonly used in the market. Thanks to this, Technogel® will be as clean, fresh, and comfortable as the first day you bought it.


No volatile agents used means Technogel® will not split free or migrate out of its original shape. It can withstand 300,000 pressure cycles and is not prone to hardening nor aging. 


Technogel® deforms 3-dimensionally, in all 3 directions which causes pressure to be evenly distributed to the entire contact surface. It also moulds itself to each user's physical structure.


The unique tower design has open air channels from a minimum of 23% to 36% of the top surface and delivers extraordinary air circulation and optimal moist conduction. 


Technogel® has high thermal conductivity which allows it to transport, and partially disperse, the heat generated from the human body to its mass. This allows a swifter decrease in skin temperature during sleep which reduces metabolism activity and tissue oxygen demand, ultimately resulting in a more relaxed and deep sleep. 


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Supporting sleepy heads everywhere.

We call it 3D Deformation. You'll call it the best night ever. Adapting like water but with the support of a solid, Technogel® reacts uniquely to your body to ease pressure without restricting movement. Technogel® conforms gradually in all directions - no pain, no compression, no worries about improper posture. It's the perfect blend of comfort and ergonomic support so rest assured, you may have finally found your perfect bed mate.

  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Ergonomic Support




Better nights mean Better days.

Laying down each night is always a pleasure with the comforting, cool relief of gel, so fall asleep on a Technogel® mattress and you'll fall in love with it. Varying in thickness and gel zones, Technogel® mattresses all provide an unsurpassed feel and an even more relaxed sleep. Made with Technogel® layers molded to a latex and foam core, prepare for a sleep that relieves pressure, cools your body and leaves you wanting for more in the morning.

  • Enhanced Breathability & Thermo Regulation
  • Biocompatible Non-Toxic and Healthy

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