Sleep On It

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Sleep is universal. It's a necessity even in the face of all-nighters, Vegas-fueled adrenaline, or party initiatives, we all end up having to rest. It takes up one-third of our lives and that's where choice comes in.

You choose what to sleep on. Yoga mats, beanbags, couches, and most conventionally, beds. We've come a long way from the olden straws and leaves era which kickstarted the innovation for more practical and beneficial sleeping materials. The choice and way we sleep now are the product of decades worth of research, ingenuity, and perseverance simply to make the one-third of our lives comfier.


SweetDream embodies that pinnacle of innovation, using the resource of countless databases and research we strive and create beautifully crafted mattresses that have purpose equivalent to its charm. Supporting your health as well as your dreams has always been our main priority and always will be. For example, we don't carry any Methylene Chloride nor do we use springs thinner than 2.5mmThat would just be plain hazardous and impractical, instead, we use healthier, more eco-friendly alternatives to create our foam which increases its strength in the process, a win-win for everybody. We're also the architects of the Body-Architect System, a new way in precise cutting foam to replicate the work of springs, without any springs, tending to every inch of your body right away.

These technologies are only a small part of the whole SweetDream innovation scheme, researching on the beneficial minerals of Mother Nature to provide more vitalizing rest, and engineering spring patterns to provide personalized support for each individual are further examples on our promise to provide better sleep all around. 

In face of all the possible choices we have in front of us, it is sometimes unclear which can fully fulfill the simple task of maximizing the rest you can get from a night, revitalizing you for a brighter morning, and energizing you for a more productive day. We're just here to tell you that SweetDream cares so we innovate, progress, and grow, to show that.

We've much in store for you so sleep on it and when you're ready for your dreams to take flight, we're here to provide an astounding one-third of your life ready to go.