SweetDreamers // March // 1st Edition

Elizebeth A/P Lawrance Azwedo, Sales Coordinator. With SweetDream for 13 years.

What is the best thing SweetDream offers? The environment. Working with a community always has its ups and downs, what’s important is the silver lining, how better we are after those ups and downs. The freedom and environment SweetDream encapsulates has helped me grow tremendously these 13 years.

What's most important to you in life? The fruits of my hard work. Turning on the engine of my first car, Receiving the keys to my first home. All possible because of my perseverance, will, and determination.

What have u learnt from SweetDream and What wisdom do you want to pass on? Perseverance and looking out for opportunities wherever they may be. Started out small but through my hard work, worked my way up to where I am now. I still have a long way to go but I have confidence in my capabilities. I'd like to tell everyone, especially those who're growing, to believe in yourself and focus on what you love. Don't let other people pull you down.

Faiz Syazwan, IT Executive. With SweetDream for a year.

What drives you? My family motivates me. Always supporting me at every corner, I get up and start the day with the thought of their happy faces. Quenching my thirst for new grounds and unexposed knowledge is also a significant factor that drives me to fulfill my activities to the fullest throughout the day. 

Favorite thing about SweetDream? Knowledge. About myself and about the up-to-date software SweetDream uses. That's very important to me, learning new things to further better myself.

What are your hobbies? I love to fish! Once, I went to Aceh Indonesia to fish, it was a long trip but totally worth it. 

Lalit Tamang, Head of Quilting Department. With SweetDream for 6 years.

What gets you through the day? Caring for the people under my leadership. People look up to me and I have to get them through the obstacles along the day. Solving the issues that come up daily inspires me to go further. At home, though, It's a different story, I just relax. 

What have you learned while working with SweetDream? Perseverance. I've learned that working hard, knowing your stuff, and improving on yourself gets you places. I'm very happy to have experienced all aspects of different departments here at SweetDream before settling on the Quilting Department.

Chin See Kuan, Sales Coordinator. With SweetDream for a year,

What's something you would like to a younger you? Work hard and listen to your elders. I feel that we take too many things for granted in this world, we should take advice from our elders for their experience and wisdom in order for us to grow better and smarter.

What's your favourite part about working with SweetDream? The feeling when everything goes smoothly. When you feel like a part of a team in full flow and everyone just syncs with each other. The simple things like teamwork can, amazingly, be enough to brighten up my day and that's my favourite part, working with these amazing people.

Imrul. With SweetDream for 5 years

What makes your job satisfying? The diversity in the positions available, I hardly get bored. The mattress industry excites me with the different materials I use each day. 

Abdullah. With SweetDream for 6 years

What's your favorite part about supervising? Viewing the production process from a aerial view really shows you the importance of everyone when creating something great.