Our Essence

The human body operates through communication between tissues and organs, and when this intra-body communication is in harmony, we are balanced, joyous, and motivated. Noticeably, in the bustling society we live in today, there are constant obstacles which disrupt this communication. The workload grows heavier, the days grow longer, and the balance grows weaker.

The Power of Minerals

In nature, minerals improve and influence the climate balance through their insulation effect. In biorytmic sleep, the same minerals are finely milled to particles to produce the same effect. Harmonizing the vibrations of the body's energy system to improve one's sense of balance. 


Healing therapies such as meditation, acupuncture, and natural stone therapies have been developed solely for the purpose of restoring the body's natural biorhythm, leading to a harmonious intra-body communication, better vitality, and rejuvenation. Following the path, Biorytmic Sleep was developed with the goal of improving intra-body communication through the use of special minerals found in nature.


Biorytmic Sleep

Experience the healing energy of natural minerals that regulate your body's natural biorhythm, relieve stress, and create the ideal sleeping environment. Through the simple process of sleep, you can now improve your intra-body communication which paves the way to better health and vitality, lesser stress, and a more balanced life. Communicate well inside to communicate excellent outside. Embedded into the mattress cover fabric, the Biorytmic Sleep properties completely imbue the mattress to allow you maximum rejuvenation and balance recovery. 

Mechanical tests were conducted in Germany to investigate the effectiveness of Biorytmic Sleep compared to conventional sleep, which resulted in Biorytmic Sleep participants feeling more rejuvenated and exhibiting better balance and concentration.


Biorytmic Sleep fabric is exclusively available at our SweetDream Sales & Service Centre in Petaling Jaya. Visit the showroom today to find out more on how you can sleep with the healing energy the earth provides.